Jojoba Mango Hydrating Lotion

Winter is the season where my skin is always in desperate need of hydration and when I suffer from tons of flakey patches. So, rich moisturizers and oils to the rescue.

Recently I have been testing out the oil cleansing method along with applying jojoba regularly to my skin and those are definitely helping my skin retain moisture, but I definitely need a lotion as well to hydrate the skin. Without further ado, Jojoba Mango Hydrating Lotion.

The name gives the main ingredients away, jojoba oil and mango butter! Mango butter is basically shea butter’s less greasy sister. Jojoba oil is an extremely versatile oil which is really good for acne prone skin (yes oil and acne actually go together! I’ll be doing a post on this after I play around with the OCM for a bit so stay tuned!).


Water Part:

71 grams just boiled water

3 grams vegetable glycerin

Oil Part:

2-3 drops of vitamin e oil

6 grams BTMS-50 (or another complete emulsifying wax of choice)

15 grams jojoba oil

6 grams mango butter

Cool Down Phase:

Broad Spectrum Preservative at recommended usage rate

5-7 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (Or EO or FO blend of choice)


1.Weigh out your water and oil parts  in two separate heat safe glass measuring cups on a digital gram scale. I like to cover my water part with some foil to keep the water from evaporating too much.

2. Place them in a makeshift double boiler that has about an inch of water in it and let the oil and water parts melt over low to medium heat.

3. After both parts are thoroughly melted, pour the water part into the oil part (or vice versa)

4. Remove from heat.

5. Mix thoroughly until cooled enough to add preservative and essential oils.

6. Scoop/ Pour into clean container.

7. Enjoy your Jojoba Mango Hydrating Lotion!




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