Product Review- Elf Mad For Matte Palette


Happy December! So, this blog has been mainly focused on DIY beauty and cosmetics, but I do love testing out commercial brands so I’ll be posting some product reviews on here as well :). Elf is a drugstore brand that is veeerrryy tempting since everything is so inexpensive! I got this palette at a local CVS for only $10. I picked it up since I heard some good things about it and since the color variety was really nice. The packaging is super sleek and travel friendly. It contains a nice variety of shades , but is incredibly compact.

This palette has a really wide range of neutral mattes that are super flexible given that they can be used for so many looks. I found that the pigmentation for all of the shadows to be excellent. They are all super easy to blend and have excellent adhesion. They are not super super pigmented so this is also a great beginner palette in my opinion.


The only issue I had with opacity were the two lightest shades on the palette. I had some issues with getting the “white” to show up, so  I use these shades as transformers instead to help blend and lighten some shades slightly.

The wear time for these shadows is excellent. I wear a look all day without an issue with creasing etc without using a primer. Overall,  the Elf Mad For Matte palette is definitely worth the money and I highly recommend it given its affordable price point and good quality!




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