Rose Gold Tinted Lipbalm

Happy Fall everyone! Today’s lip balm is a super easy to make and very wearable! It is a sheer pink with a hint of gold glimmer. This is also a great lip balm to give as gifts for the holidays!

The base is made from jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. All of which are super moisturizing which will leave your lips happy in the colder weather.

I tinted this lip balm with carmine and gold mica, but if you don’t have carmine (it is a tad bit pricey) you can substitute it with red iron oxide in this recipe (although it will give a darker red color) or red #40 or #7. Red #40 and # 7  will give a very very similar color (if not the same) , but keep in mind these are synthetic lip safe dyes.


4g beeswax

4.5 g coconut oil

8g jojoba oil

3g cocoa butter

4 drops vitamin e oil

3 drops essential oil of choice (I used peppermint)

1/64 tsp carmine (or red iron oxide or red #40 or #7) (use mini spoons like these)

1/64 tsp gold mica


1.Melt the oils, pigments, and waxes in a double boiler over low to medium heat. Mix in the pigments with a spatula (like this one) to break up the clumps.

2.After everything is fully melted, remove from heat.

3.When the mixture is merely warm and not hot, add essential/fragrance oils.

4.Pour into tubes and cap.

5. Enjoy!



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