Basic iPad Hand Lettering Tutorial

Earlier this year I fell in love with hand lettering / brush lettering, and then I discovered iPad lettering. Which left me simply hooked! Digital lettering gives the artist far more control, since you can adjust little details without having to restart your whole piece.

iPad lettering is (generally) done on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is highly pressure sensitive, so it gives a realistic experience.

Edit the brush by clicking the brush icon

By far the best app to use it ProCreate (I know it is a weird name, but it is a great app!). It isn’t free but it is very affordable ( I bought it for $5.99).  This app gives you a wide range of brushes to choose from, allows you to custom create brushes and import premade brushes.  By far my favorite place to get brushes if from

I am going to go over the basic technique used in iPad (and brush) lettering in this tutorial, let me know in the comments to request a more specific tutorial :).

In all hand lettering the thin strokes are the up strokes and the thick strokes are the down strokes. Thick strokes are created with heavy pressure and thin strokes are created with light pressure.

By alternating pressure as you write in cursive, you achieve the hand lettered effect. Although, this may take some practice :).  Don’t worry if this takes a few days or weeks, that’s perfectly normal.

Feel free to leave some comments below if you have any questions! I would love to see some pictures of what you create with hand lettering :).

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