DIY Cream Foundation

I have been formulating foundation long before I started blogging my cosmetic making adventures. Cream/Liquid Foundation is a stumper for most DIYers, I was no exception. This one has been concocted through many many trials and errors, isn’t chemical laden, and is completely color customizable.

The base is made of jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin e oil, and ceytl alcohol. The foundation is semi solid-solid in the container, so it isn’t runny and thin. The consistency is delightfully thick, luxurious, rich and creamy and it spreads evenly on the skin. It isn’t so much a spot concealer, but it evens out the complexion significantly, and can be built up very well.

The pigments are a combination of titanium dioxide, red, brown, and yellow iron oxides. For very dark skin tone black oxide may be necessary. If you are very pale, brown may not be necessary.

By itself the foundation is not matte but not too dewey either, so basically a satin finish. Powder over this with setting powder or powder foundation to make this foundation even more matte. Ceytl alcohol adds a non greasy finish to this foundation which makes it absolutely crucial to the recipe.


The coverage is low to medium, possibly even higher. Rules of thumb for coverage: Add more pigments at a specific ratio for MORE coverage. If you want LESS coverage and you already added too many pigments add sericite mica to dilute the color.I love this recipe so much! There are so many ways to customize it, so feel free to experiment!

If you find this formula too firm, add more jojoba oil so it becomes more creamy.


(For more accurate color blends, you may want to halve the recipe so you can perfect your color blend/ratio before making it in larger batches. After you have your basic ratio you can add more pigments with that same ratio for higher coverage and/or in order to quantify your recipe.)

 21 grams jojoba oil or argan oil (other light carrier oils will work)

5 grams shea butter

14 grams ceytl alcohol

2 grams beeswax

15 drops vitamin e oil

5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)

My Medium Coverage Color Blend: (Add the pigments slowly to create your perfect color. Do not use a lot of red oxide if you are a cooler tone, but don’t leave it out. All complexions need at least a teensy amount of red in their foundation. Of course, add more red oxide if you are a warmer tone.)

1/12 tsp red oxide

1/32+1/12 tsp brown oxide

11/4 tsp yellow oxide

5/12 tsp titanium dioxide


  1. Melt the shea butter, ceytl alcohol,beeswax, jojoba oil, and vitamin e oil  together over a water bath/ double boiler over low to medium heat.
  2. After the mixture is fully melted, add the kaolin, calcium carbonate, and titanium dioxide and then mix in thoroughly with a  silicone spatula (like this one) and break up the clumps of pigment by smearing them against the wall of your container until thoroughly combined. Now you have a white canvas. Time for color blending!
  3. Add you pigments in, slowly. Test it on your skin every few additions to make sure the color blend matches and the coverage is how you like it. Blend the pigments in thoroughly.
  4. At this point the mixture should be cool enough to add your peppermint essential oil if you choose. I added this to give my foundation a fresher feel.
  5. Pour the mixture into a container.
  6. Let the cream foundation solidify and then it is ready to use! It can be applied with fingers, with a sponge, or with a brush. Top it off with some setting powder or powder foundation for longer lasting wear!
  7. Enjoy your Customized Cream Foundation!

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