Unicorn Dust Highlighter

This lovely powder highlighter is amazing, it can be an everyday natural highlighter or layered up into a dazzling shimmer!



This highlighter gets its shimmer from gold and silver micas, and its opacity from titanium dioxide. Sericite mica, kaolin, and cornstarch act as fillers and we are adding some jojoba oil to weigh down the final product. I have also added vitamin e oil to extend the shelf life of the highlighter.



1 tsp sericite mica

1 tsp cornstarch

17/32 tsp silver mica

9/32 tsp gold mica

1 tsp white kaolin clay

1/8 tsp magnesium stearate

1+1/8 tsp titanium dioxide


13 drops jojoba oil

5 drops vitamin e oil


  1. Sandwich a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and the grinder, to help the grinder blend the powders more efficiently.
  2. Blend the micas, cornstarch, clay, magnesium stearate, and titanium dioxide together thoroughly.
  3. Scatter drops of jojoba oil, and vitamin e oil over the powders.
  4. Blend thoroughly.
  5. Scoop into an approximately 10 gram jar.
  6. Enjoy your Unicorn Dust Highlighter!




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