How to Make Eyeshadow Base

This unassuming white powder can be used to make a rainbow of all sorts of eyeshadows. This base is made of calcium carbonate, sericite mica, magnesium stearate, and starch. Starch and sericite mica act as fillers , calcium carbonate controls oil, and magnesiums stearate improves slip.

When making powdered cosmetics it is important to weigh down the powders to prevent inhalation of the powders, so we will be weighing this eyeshadow down with jojoba oil and extending its shelf life it with vitamin e oil.


2 tsp of sericite mica

2 tsp of corn starch

3/8 tsp of magnesium stearate

5/32 tsp of calcium carbonate

33 drops jojoba oil

6 drops vitamin e oil

  1. Blend the magnesium stearate, sericite mica, corn starch, and calcium carbonate together in a coffee grinder to make the base. Sandwich a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and the grinder, to help the grinder blend the powders more effectively.
  2. Scatter drops of the jojoba oil and the vitamin e oil over the base and blend thoroughly. After the oil is thoroughly incorporated, you have finished your eyeshadow base.
  3. Enjoy making your own custom colored eyeshadows with this all natural base!

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