7 Essential Tips for Better DIY Beauty Products

There are many DIY techniques out there, here are 7 tips for that I have found the most essential for making your DIY beauty products more efficiently.

1. Use mini spoons for precise measurements. When making your own cosmetics, the recipes often call for less than a teaspoon measurements. Don’t eyeball it! Use small measuring spoon like these

2. Use a silicone spatula. These frosting spatulas are incredible! They scrape basically all of your product, which makes cleaning up much easier and mixing more thorough.

3. Take organized notes. This is a definite must! I have definitely been unable to replicate a product or a color that I liked because I didn’t or took unclear notes. It is harder than you think to remember what your formula was. I also recommend using flags or tabs to organize your notebook.

4. Use a glass measuring cup or beaker with a spout. I like the pyrex style cups since they are machine washable and heat safe. The spouts make pouring a lot easier since you don’t have to worry about surface tension quite as much.

5. Use a makeshift or a real double boiler to melt your ingredients. I make my own using a shallow pan like a frying pan and adding a couple centimeters of water to it. I typically heat this to low- medium heat.

6. Melt magnesium stearate containing concoctions over direct heat. Magnesium stearate has a really high melting point so in order for it to melt thoroughly you heat it in a makeshift double boiler except with no water.

7. Use paper towels and Dawn dish soap for cleanup. Paper towels and dish soap are your best friends when it comes to getting rid of stains on your counter or cleaning your equipment (except your coffee grinder)! (Find more cleanup tips here)

And thats a wrap! I hope you found these 7 DIY tips helpful for your own DIY adventures!


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