DIY Pump Top Mason Jar Dispenser

These pump top mason jars make great lotion, soap, or conditioner dispensers! They are incredibly versatile, elegant, and come in handy for homemade liquid soaps and lotions. I used 6 oz mason jars and a lotion pump like this for my dispensers, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

You Will Need:

A taller mason jar (I used 6 oz.)

A lotion/soap pump attachment (use an old soap bottle top or buy ones like these)

A hammer

1 pair of long nosed pliers (a pair of flush cut pliers may also be helpful)

1 Hot Glue Gun & 1-2 Hot Glue Sticks (or use a waterproof super glue of choice)


  1. Punch a hole in the lid by hammering the pliers. If you are having trouble with making the hole, use the flush cut pliers.

2. Gradually widen the hole with the long nosed pliers just enough to fit the pump top attachment.

3. Crimp down the pulled back bits of metal.

4. Fit the pump attachment through and glue it in place from the bottom. You could apply additional glue to the top just for good measure if you would like :).

5. Cut the tube so it just barely touches the bottom of the mason jar.

6. Screw on the lid and Voila! You have just made your very own pump top mason jar dispenser.


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