Custom Dog Bandana Tutorial

I made these bandanas for shelter dogs (and perhaps tolerant cats) to help to get them noticed. You could also make these for pets, by customizing the puffy paint text.


What you will need:

A triangular piece of fabric. The  length of the hypotenuse equal to the circumference of the dogs neck.


Sewing Machine

Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric paint color of choice (traditional machine washable puffy paint should work as well)

Two 4-5 inch pieces of ribbon

Bow, trim, lace, tick ribbon, rick rack etc of choice to decorate (optional)

Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun (if you are decorating your bandana)


Start off by cutting your fabric out. As stated above, the hypotenuse (the longest edge ) of the fabric should be the same measurement as the pet’s neck’s circumference.

Hem all the raw edges on the sewing machine with what ever stitch preferred.

Sew your two lengths of ribbon to the outer corners of the bandana. These make tying the bandana on easier and more adjustable.

Now  that you have a basic bandana, it’s time to start customizing! Hot glue your choice of decoration your your bandana. Play around with fun colors and textures!


To make sure your puffy paint goes on just the way you want it to, pencil or chalk on the letters. This way you can trace over with the paint.

Then, go ahead and start puffy painting!

Voila! You have a fully customized dog (or cat) bandana! Let your puffy paint dry according to instructions.


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