Meet a Real Life Niffler

Meet this real life Niffler!


A Niffler posable artdoll. Based on a creature from the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Niffler with hand made custom fit leash and harness. A Niffler is both endearing and mischievous. This little furry black critters are adept at finding shiny objects. This makes them both useful and destructive.

Niffler caught in action!

Each and every one of my creations are handcrafted and unique.  Most of my art pieces are posable art dolls.  I hand sculpt the head and/or paws  and meticulously  hand paint them with acrylics. Most of my art dolls have a handcrafted wire frame at their core. I also fur the faces by hand.  Then I wrap the frame with stuffing and hand sew the faux fur.


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