DIY Dog Cowl Neck Hoodie

The inspiration for this project came from a dog clothing line started by the Blueboys, a pair of adorable staffys who advocate against pit bull prejudice on social media. They came out with a line of adorable on trend hoodies and tees designed specifically to be able to fit bulkier breeds.

I couldn’t afford the price tag, so I decided to make my own for my pooch, Lexi. I found a pattern for a raglan sleeve dog sweater online, and it was way too tight for my dog, despite using the largest size provided.

I figured out it was because the seams were curved instead of straight, so I altered my pattern with some paper and tape. (If you need help figuring out how to print a larger version/how to assemble this pattern check out this link)

I used a striped collared shirt that I didn’t need any more, as fabric. I also used the buttons down the front as the closure for the top portion of the hoodie.




Okay, here is the tutorial!

You will need:

2-3 colors of fabric 1 for the body, 1 for the sleeves, and 1 for the cowl. You can use the same fabric for the body and the sleeves. (Fabric with some stretch is preferred)

1 strip of velcro, the length of the chest part of the hoodie.  (You could use a zipper or some buttons if you want)


A Sewing Machine

The Sewing Pattern (edited so it has straight seams)

1 shoelace (or something similar)


  1. Cut out your fabric, using your edited pattern as your guide. Make sure you are cutting out the chest and back pieces with the fabric folded, and make sure that your sleeves are cut opposite of one another. 
  2.  After you have everything cut out, start sewing it all together! Okay, that is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some photos on my hoodie coming together to help. I started by sewing the chest and back pieces together. And then I sewed the sleeve in between the two pieces, like so. The sleeve attaches to both the chest and back pieces via two seams on either side of the top potion of the cut fabric, and then there are two more  “flaps” that, when sewed together, form the sleeve. (Don’t forget to hem the raw edges) Next, I sewed the second sleeve on the right side of the back portion. (You could sew it on the left side of the chest portion as well, if you want)
  3. Cut through the middle of the chest potion. This will give room for your velcro, you could use a zipper if you wanted to.  (I already had some  buttons from the original shirt so I just added velcro to the bottom half of the chest fabric.) 
  4. After you have cut through your fabric, sew your velcro (or zipper or buttons) onto your hoodie.
  5. Now you can sew the sleeve to the far right to the left side of the chest portion!
  6. You can now open up your velcro/buttons/zipper and hem the raw edge at the bottom of your hoodie.
  7. To add the cowl, cut a rectangular piece of fabric  that fits around the neck of your pooch. I cut mine about 3 inches thick to give it the cowl effect(my dog weighs about 45 pounds, to give you an idea of size). 
  8. To give the nice hoodie touch, cut a shoe lace in half and cut each piece to a suitable length. Then simply sew it to the front of the cowl. 
  9. If you find that your hoodie gapes too much, you can gather it up a bit or add an elastic. I gathered mine up in 2 spots (one on each side)
  10. And that’s it! You have just made an amazing, adorable, and affordable cowl neck hoodie for your pooch!

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