Under Eye Concealer

This all natural under eye concealer is super customizable and is perfect for banishing dark circles. It is luxurious, creamy, light, and so easy to make!

The base is made from a light carrier oil (like argan oil) and ceytl alcohol. Ceytl alcohol thickens up the consistency and creates a lovely smooth texture. The pigment is made up of a powder mineral foundation that is a shade lighter than the rest of your face. If you want more coverage add more mineral foundation, if you would like less coverage add more oil.

Ceytl Alcohol

If you want a thicker consistency add more ceytl alcohol, and if you would like a thinner consistency add more oil. Don’t worry, I have already provided the recipe that worked perfectly for me so you will only need to tweak it if you don’t like it :).

For the container, I used these super cute lipgloss tubes from TKB trading. I have had a pretty good experience with using these tubes so far.



1 part mineral powder foundation

1 part light carrier oil (I used jojoba or argan)

8% ceytl alcohol

3 drops vitamin e oil



  1. Pour the oil and the mineral makeup into a lipgloss tube, you may need to use a slip of paper to help you funnel in the powder.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Melt some ceytl alcohol (approx. 8% of the weight of your current mixture) in a measuring cup/beaker with a spout in the microwave. Do this in 20 second bursts.
  4. Pour the ceytl alcohol into the tube and quickly cap and shake well. The ceytl alcohol thickens up quickly so try to work fast.
  5.  Test the consistency and coverage on your skin, modify if necessary. (see prelude for instructions)
  6. Push stopper into the tube and Enjoy your Customized Under Eye Concealer!





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