Clean Up Tips for DIY Cosmetic Projects

Making you own cosmetics can be super fun, but also can get messy. Here are my favorite cleanup tips!

  1. Use Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid and paper towels to clean surfaces and equipment- Spilling pigments/product on your counters is inevitable. I find that Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is the best product for removing stains from countertops ( I even have a white countertop). Dawn Dish Soap is also great for cleaning spatulas and measuring cups. 
  2. Use silicone spatulas- Silicone spatulas are a must-have! They scrape basically all of your product, which makes cleaning up much easier.
  3. Use paper towels- Paper towels are your best friend when it comes to cleaning out mason jars and measuring cups. I find they clean much better than kitchen towels do, and there is no washing involved!
  4. Warm water- When working with waxy concoctions, it is important to keep the residue from solidifying in order to be able to clean it out. Simply add warm-hot water to the residue and that will keep the mixture from hardening.
  5. Use rice for cleaning out your coffee grinder- When it comes to cleaning out your coffee grinder after making some powder makeup, don’t use water! Water will slowly make its way into the motor of your grinder and kill it. After you have scooped out as much product as humanly possible from out of your grinder, blend about 3/4 a tablespoon of rice in your grinder. The rice collects the residual powders, so all you need to do is pour out the rice powder. After pouring most of it out, use an old, dense makeup brush to clean out the leftover rice powder. Voila! Your coffee grinder should be clean and ready to use later. 


That’s it! I hope you find these cleanup tips helpful!

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